A novel approach to a global challenge

Around the world, young people are growing up with access to one of the most powerful tools ever created - the internet. It’s a place of endless possibility, but also filled with danger and risk.

The Swipe Safe App is a hands-on learning tool that helps young people understand the online world and how to interact with it in a way that keeps themselves and others safe.

The Swipe Safe training program is a face to face curriculum delivered to young people, parents and professionals using technology.

The program has been designed to make learning easy and fun, while providing essential skills and knowledge across a range of cyber security topics.

The curriculum


My online reputation

Understand that the way you act online impacts how people see you and how to protect your online reputation.

Evidence-based curriculum meets innovative storytelling

The Swipe Safe App is based on an evidence-led online safety curriculum developed by child protection experts at ChildFund. With the support of leading creative studio S1T2, this curriculum has been transformed into an online learning platform.

The app harnesses the power of interactive storytelling and cutting-edge web technology to create an accessible, compelling and informative learning tool for young people all over the world.


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